Prior to registration, please review the following course description.

Greetings explorers!


The Whiteside Museum of Natural History is excited to provide educators with the chance to experience field paleontology in the heart of the best lower Permian fossil beds in the world. Dating back to more than 290 million years ago, fossils found in Seymour, Texas of the first land-dominant herbivores and carnivores help scientists tell a story of how animals conquered land for the first time. What did the ecosystems look like 290 million years ago? What types of animals lived back then? How does studying ancient ecosystems help us learn about our own habitats? We encourage educators to get their hands dirty and learn the fundamentals of Paleontology, and how they can take their experience to their classrooms.


We hope that everyone enjoys this educational experience while being conscientious of group safety and courtesy. Educators will be able to dig for fossils and help Whiteside Museum paleontologists make new discoveries. We ask all guests to abide by the following requirements.


  • Close-toed shoes and long pants- All field trip guests are required to wear clothes toed shoes and long pants during our field activities.


  • Tobacco and alcohol products are not allowed within the Whiteside Museum or at any of the ranches guests will be visiting.


  • Guests will not be allowed to keep any specimens collected from field activities. All rocks and fossils, or any other item collected from research sites and visited ranches belong to Whiteside Museum of Natural History.


  • All guests are required to stay with the group or with a WMNH representative while conducting fieldwork. Guests are not permitted to wander from the group.


  • Items recommended in the field: gloves, hat, sunscreen, and drinking water.


  • Meals are not provided by WMNH- snacks, drinks, and pack-lunches are encouraged.


  • All guests are required to sign the liability waiver form prior to fieldwork.